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Over the last three decades, sought-after culinary and nutritional health expert Charmane Andrews Skillen studied the relationship between wholesome nutrition and optimal physical health. Her extensive knowledge and experience with mineral-rich sea salt led her on a mission to share the benefits of sea salt versus refined table salt, through sumptuous flavor blends.

The result was s.a.l.t. sisters, a health-focused company that creates rich gourmet seasonings with flavor-enhancing, unrefined sea salt.

Since launching in regional farmers' markets, s.a.l.t sisters has developed into a healthy lifestyle brand dedicated to quality and freshness.

To maintain our high standards, we produce each proprietary blend, in-house, in small batches, with quality ingredients.

We value our customers' health and trust, which is why we always guarantee all of our all-natural seasonings are entirely free from gluten, preservatives, MSG, and GMOs.

I initially launched the company under the acronym s.a.l.t. but later added “sisters'' to represent my four daughters, who are serendipitously named Sydney, Alexis, Lauren, and Taylor. Not planned, I swear!

The s.a.l.t. sisters philosophy:

We believe that…

  • Everyone deserves to eat flavorful food that evokes pleasure and emotion.
  • Cooking can be a fun and relaxing activity that promotes culinary creativity.
  • Mealtime can be a joyous time for family and friends to gather over delicious foods.
  • Everyone deserves to be able to end their day with a delicious home cooked meal.
  • Healthy food can nourish the body while satisfying all your senses.
  • Cooking, hosting and enjoying five-star meals at home can be simple.
  • Weeknight dinners can be filled with happiness and memorable food.
  • You can have a restaurant-style experience without stressing in the kitchen.

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We believe you deserve the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

That’s why unrefined sea salt is the bedrock of our company.

Unlike processed table salt, unrefined sea salt provides your body with over thirty essential minerals necessary for optimal health. Besides its role in health, it also has an extraordinary ability to highlight other flavors. When coupled with our exceptional seasonings, you'll give your guests a restaurant-quality flavor explosion they won't forget!

I Am Charmane

nutritional health expert Charmane Andrews

I founded s.a.l.t. sisters after a 30-year health journey that taught me the meaning and value of proper nutrition. My passion for wholesome cooking developed as I learned more about many store-bought foods, which are often heavily processed with diminished nutritional value and excessive artificial ingredients..

I learned about salt’s essential role in the human ecosystem from a chance meeting at a spice shop in Savannah, GA. I had only heard about the negative consequences of sodium overload, so it was a real epiphany to realize how essential it is to our overall health. When I discovered the benefits of unrefined salt, I turned it into my number one kitchen product and eliminated all processed products.

s.a.l.t. sisters channels my three-decade-long health education into my life-long passion:

creating delicious, nourishing receipes and products

Food is a big part of life. It nourishes and fuels our bodies while also offering a chance to express ourselves both in flavor and visually. Healthy home-prepared meals don’t have to be boring or bland; with the right spices, they can be just as satisfying as any takeout!

s.a.l.t. sisters will introduce you to a flavorful creative universe with wonderful health benefits - they’ll change your life!

— Charmane Andrews Skillen, Founder/CEO