Countertop Display Unit with Opening Order Package WHOLESALE




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Countertop Display Unit with Opening Order Package WHOLESALE

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The acrylic design accentuates our products while the rotating function offers an easy shopping for the customer.  Your s.a.l.t. sisters permanant display holds over $400 worth of selling opportunity in just over 1 square foot of retail space, making this display an exceptional value to your store.  

Countertop displays come fully assembled and read to fill.  

Holds 16 SKU's (12" x 12" x 21")

With the purchase of the Countertop Display and Opening Order Package you receive three free case packs (retail value of $83.88)

Opening Order Package contains one case pack of each of the following:


  •  Hickory Smoked Sea Salt
  • Midnight Diamonds Ka'nani Hawaiian Sea Salt
  • Sel Gris French Organic Sea Salt
  • Red Sunset Ka'nani Hawaiian Sea Salt, fine


  • Florida Sunshine Seasoning
  • Mojo Seasoning
  • Steakhouse Seasoning
  • Tuscan Farmhouse Seasoning 


  • All-Purpose BBQ Rub & Seasoning
  • Dragon's Breath Rub & Seasoning
  • Honey Glaze Rub & Seasoning
  • Key West Seafood Rub & Seasoning


  • Charmane's Bread Dip
  • Salsa di Parma Bread Dip
  • Delightful Dill & Carrot Dip
  • Tuscan Ranch Dip

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